Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Furled Leaders, when to use...? Cutthroat Leaders New Site.

Our NEW SITE is LIVE!!!!!
This new site will help non-furled leader users select the proper leader for their specific fishing needs.  We have Videos, Tips and more.  More info added weekly.  Stop on by to check things out.

The new site now breaks each leader into what fly type you can throw with each leader.  Below is an example of the leader descriptions.




The link below will bring you to our new site.

Thanks for looking.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Get a child on the Water....  It is a Win, Win for all involved. 

Spent a couple of nights in the Idaho mountains, had to deal with a little forest fire smoke, but the fishing was great. The trip consisted of a long bumpy drive down a dirt road. The kids said they felt as if they were in the Australian bush… as we were lucky enough to watch elk, deer, and even antelope. (yes we know, no antelope in Australia) We actually had to do small river crossing. Only 12” deep at the deepest section, but still a true adventure for a child. 

We had four youngsters casting dry’s to feisty cutthroats. At one time, we had four rods casting back and forth. We were all on the same small island in the middle of the river. There were hoots and hollers coming from each and every fisher. I was running from one to another to release a fish, tie on a fly, untangle a line, etc, etc. Yes, it was chaotic, but it was also beautiful. Too see today’s youngsters without an electronic gadget on their hands and being truly excited about hooking a trout… 

As my buddy and I were watching my son cast a double nymph rig with an indicator, we were commenting on how he can cast better than each of us. Just then, the indictor started to rip across the surface of the water. We could hear the line ripping off the reel. One of the younger kids went over to help… He grabbed the rod … He was literally pushing the rod up into the air… Now my son was fighting a big cutty as well as a 60 lb kid. I wanted the kids to do it all on their own. Land that fish that is. After a few bad netting attempts were made, and after I got a better look at the fish, I decided I should lend a helping hand. 

I fish this section of water often, and this is the biggest Cutthroat I have seen here. His jaw was all kyped up. Difficult to tell in the photos, but this was an old fish. Pictures are not great as a camera phone is all I had (which is not in a water-proof case). 

Many fish were caught, but the pics here are of the biggest of the day. Actually a huge fish for the waters we were fishing. Hard to tell who had more fun, the dads or the Kids… Make it a point to get kids into nature, it is a win for all involved… 

All fish were caught using our Cutthroat Furled Leaders.  Both Dry Fly Leaders and Indicator Leader set-ups.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Proper Mending to get great drifts…

A few trips back, I was out fishing with some buddies.  At one point we were all fishing the same long run.  This type of fishing gave me the opportunity to really watch some great fisherman in action.  We were tossing small pmd’s to rising trout.  We all got to cast three times, and then moved to the back of the line. As mentioned, the run was a long one.  Meaning you really needed to mend the line a couple of times during the drift.  One of the guys fishing with us started the day not using our leaders.  He is a great fisherman and one to be admired.  Not until he watched me and two others using our leaders, did he understand why we all made the switch to thread furled leaders.  The reason one can mend so well with thread furled leaders is because of the micro grooves created by the furling process.  These grooves create impressive stick / grab of the water surface tension.  This “grab” allows the leader to stay put when a mend is put into the line.  The fly-line with its slick coating lifts easy off the water, the leader stays.  The fact that the leaders are also memory free, they create no drag.  The leader is not stiff enough to fight against the currents so it simply succumbs to all of the micro currents and drifts drag free.  

It has been a long time sense I really paid attention to nylon tapered leaders and how they perform.  This is one application that a thread leader really shines.   While watching the nylon leader closely, you could see the leader being pulled across the surface of the water when a mend was made.  This means, the tippet and fly have pressure put on them, now creating drag. 

The fishing quickly turned from a few guys trying to hook a trout, to a group of guys trying to figure out the pro’s / cons of various leader configurations.  It was great for us “Cutthroat Leaders”, as we had a handful of very experienced fly fishers working (doing R & D) for free….

All in all, it was a great day on the water.  We end ended up with a new Convert to our Leaders and we caught a bunch of fish.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Big Bug Leader for Mousing, articulated streamers and more...

Our Nylon Furled Big Bug Leader is quickly becoming a favorite among fly fishers throwing big nasty flies.  If you throw mouse patterns, streamers, or heavy double nymph rigs with indicator and split-shot, this leader is a game changer.No kink leader makes it great for using indicators.Heavy butt sections turns the heaviest of flies.Neutrally Buoyant, floats with top water flies, sinks with weighted flies. Guide Bryan Allison below use the leaders when he mouses.  Check out his blog about mousing in Montana. Bryan Blog Post  

Friday, June 17, 2016

New Fly Fishing T-Shirt, Presentation Matters by Cutthroat Leader Co.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Use the right tool for the Job....

Beautiful Shot sent into us from one of our Happy Customers.  We love receiving happy customer pictures / testimonials.  Keep them coming.
We offer the best of best when it comes to Dry Fly Leaders, Nymphing Leaders and Streamer leaders.
Use the right tool for the job.  You would not use a Screwdriver to bang a nail...   Ok, we have all tried that one at least once, but we can all agree, it does not work so well....

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Last week, as a buddy and myself were driving to a local fishery, we were discussing the dry fly action that we have recently been hearing about.  The drive was full of excitement and anticipation.  Our rods were already rigged with dry fly leaders, light tippets and small dry flies.  We did not have all day to fish, so we hoped to hit the ground running....

I was stepping out of my jeep before the it came to complete stop.  To say I was anxious about wetting a line is a severe understatement.  Waders and boots on, we spread apart an opening the bank hugging willows to spy all the rise rings we had so anticipated / expected... 

Nothing... Not a rise, not a bug, no surface activity what so ever.  The excitement I previously had, has now vanished.  I have been fishing these waters for years, and the one thing you can typically count on is rising fish.  You may not always catch them, but more often than not, you have targets to go after.  

Thinking the hatches were just slow to start, we did some searching with dry flies.  That ended without even a bump.   

I decided to give swinging some beadhead nymphs through the riffles for bit.  Again, not a tug or even a nibble.  

Because I was so expecting to throw small dry flys all day, I never packed my streamer set-up.  One of the benefits of owning a leader business is I typically have an abundance of leaders to choose from.  I dug through my pack and found a streamer leader for my 5 wt rod.  I attached the streamer leader loop 2 loop.  Tied on a new streamer pattern from a buddy Matty who ties some amazing flies.  We will be offering his streamers very soon. 

First cast, was not as far as I needed to to be.   Second cast landed inches from the far bank, I saw the golden flash of a hefty brown turn on my fly.  The game was on.  Being a dry fly guy at heart, I often use light tippets.  Which mean you often need to gently play the fish in order to keep him connected.  Yes, this is half the fun, but when streamer fishing, you can get away with MUCH heavier tippets.  Today I was using 2x.  This means there was no chance this fish was going to snap me off.  Yes, they can still spit the hook, but not worrying about snapping 6x tippet on a big fish is a welcome change.   

Below are some of the our best selling leaders.


We offer the very finest and the largest selection of furled leaders anywhere.