Thursday, May 26, 2016

Last week, as a buddy and myself were driving to a local fishery, we were discussing the dry fly action that we have recently been hearing about.  The drive was full of excitement and anticipation.  Our rods were already rigged with dry fly leaders, light tippets and small dry flies.  We did not have all day to fish, so we hoped to hit the ground running....

I was stepping out of my jeep before the it came to complete stop.  To say I was anxious about wetting a line is a severe understatement.  Waders and boots on, we spread apart an opening the bank hugging willows to spy all the rise rings we had so anticipated / expected... 

Nothing... Not a rise, not a bug, no surface activity what so ever.  The excitement I previously had, has now vanished.  I have been fishing these waters for years, and the one thing you can typically count on is rising fish.  You may not always catch them, but more often than not, you have targets to go after.  

Thinking the hatches were just slow to start, we did some searching with dry flies.  That ended without even a bump.   

I decided to give swinging some beadhead nymphs through the riffles for bit.  Again, not a tug or even a nibble.  

Because I was so expecting to throw small dry flys all day, I never packed my streamer set-up.  One of the benefits of owning a leader business is I typically have an abundance of leaders to choose from.  I dug through my pack and found a streamer leader for my 5 wt rod.  I attached the streamer leader loop 2 loop.  Tied on a new streamer pattern from a buddy Matty who ties some amazing flies.  We will be offering his streamers very soon. 

First cast, was not as far as I needed to to be.   Second cast landed inches from the far bank, I saw the golden flash of a hefty brown turn on my fly.  The game was on.  Being a dry fly guy at heart, I often use light tippets.  Which mean you often need to gently play the fish in order to keep him connected.  Yes, this is half the fun, but when streamer fishing, you can get away with MUCH heavier tippets.  Today I was using 2x.  This means there was no chance this fish was going to snap me off.  Yes, they can still spit the hook, but not worrying about snapping 6x tippet on a big fish is a welcome change.   

Below are some of the our best selling leaders.


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Monday, April 18, 2016

Why Cutthroat furled thread leaders are the best choice for dry fly fishing... 

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Furled Leader Testimonials

We receive emails and phone calls all season long from customers saying thank you.   It is often the same story, the fly fisher heard of us from a friend, etc.  They were very skeptical, but after some coaxing, they finally gave our products a try. That is all is takes.  If I can get 10 fly fishers to try one of our leaders, we will have 8 life long customers....  Yes, they are that good.  And we stand by all of our products with 100% satisfaction guarantee.  What other item in your fly fishing gear actually affects  (for better or for worse) your presentation more than your leader....?   Answer, Nothing.....

We have a large selection of products, if you have any questions at all, please reach out to me via email: 
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Recent Testimonial:

Just wanted to thank you for your products.
I made many believers of CutThroat Leaders today catching small trout in a very publicly pressured section of the Utah Provo River. 
All afternoon people were asking what I was using to catch the fish. I showed them your leader and even gave the empty leader package to a lady that will probably be contacting you soon to purchase for her and her husband.
Any day fishing is a good day. 
Using your leaders makes it a great day fishing!
Thanks again.


Cutthroat Furled Leaders are handcrafted in Boise ID.  100% satisfaction.  furled leaders

Friday, April 1, 2016

Best Dry Fly Leader setup.

We often get asked questions about rigging / setting up our Furled Leaders.

Below is a graphic I put together to show / explain the different set-ups.  Even through I have
access to thousands of leaders, I typically keep one leader tied onto my dry fly lines all season long.  Because of this, I Nail Knot the leader to my fly line.  For most of the past 20 years I have been fly fishing, I most often used the loop 2 loop connection for leader to fly-line.

60% of our customers use our Cutthroat Furled leader with Loop on Fly line end and ring on tippet end.  Just add 4'-0" of 5x tippet....

The next group is about 20% of fishers use the loop on the fly line end and the loop on the tippet
end.  Just make a perfection knot in your tippet and attach loop to loop  Stronger than the tippet ring.

15% of our customers tie the thread furled leader to the flyline with a 3-wrap nail knot.

The last group, about 5% of fly fishers use the nail knot to the fly line and the double surgeons knot to connect tippet to leader.  This system offer the very best transition of energy from line, leader to tippet.

If you have any additional questions, please email me @:

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What Leader do I need...?

Even before I began Cutthroat Leader co. I was a firm believer that you needed the proper tool for the job.  Not just in fishing, but when doing finished carpentry, landscaping, furniture building and more. Having and using the proper tools not only makes the task more enjoyable, but very often, the project outcome is typically much better.  

Same thing for fly fishing.  Having the proper tools makes for a more enjoyable and productive day. No other item in your setup aides in the delivery of your fly as the leader you use.  

While doing the fly fishing trade show circuit, we often hear from fly fishers that want one leader to do everything.  Sure anyone can throw on any fly they decide to their leader and catch fish, (once in a while) but is that the best system.  Think of tying a large weighted wolley bugger on the same leader that you deliver a small size 20 dry fly to rising trout...?  Even if you are a great caster, this outcome would not be pretty.

Because 90% of new fly line have welded loops, changing leaders takes less than two minutes.  That two minutes will make large improvements to the delivery of your fly to feeding fish.

Most of my fishing is with an ultimate dry fly leader, a dry fly and or a dry fly  / dropper setup.  On a typical day of fishing, I will throw small dry flies as well as large heavy streamers with the same fly line.  This means a quick leader change occurs often.  If while tossing streamers against the bank, I see a small hatch materialize, I quickly change my setup to deliver dry flies to feeding fish.  This system not only increases catch rates, but also makes the day on the water much more enjoyable.

A couple different style leaders in your arsenal is all you need.

We do offer a nylon furled leader for those that want that one leader to do everything.  I will admit is does nothing perfectly, but does perform many different fly fishing scenarios better than most.  If fishing dries, simply apply some leader floatant to eliminate any over-spray.   This leader is great with bobber style indicators as the leader does not kink.    Depending on size of tippet you use, you can throw small dries, up to weighted streamers. As mentioned above, it will not be perfect in any one situation, but it will be decent in many fly fishing situations.. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Our Hi-Vis Nymphing Leader is quickly becoming the most popular leader around for fishing smaller beadheads, emergers, nymphs, etc. Reason being, it casts so perfectly.  I was recently out doing some R&D on a new High Sticking Leader we are working on.  My 9yr son wanted to come along, so I set him up a rod already rigged up with our Hi-Vis nymph leader on it.  I was casting upriver, and fishing a similar style that George Daniels often talks about, tight Line nymphing with a sighter.

My son was casting his 5wt, rod with our Cutthroat Furled Hi-vis leader and he was hooking into fish after fish.

After about the 4th fish he landed, I decided to sit back and watch what he was doing.  Up until this point, I was actively fishing utilizing a high stick method.  Yes, I was catching fish, but I will admit I was being out-fished by my son.   He would make a short cast up river, about 25 feet.  He would throw one mend in the line and simply watch the indicator.  Line mending with a furled leader is so much easier to do because of the surface stick a fueled leader has.  Once the indicator showed any sign of movement, my son would simply raise his rod.  Often times, there was a fish on the end...

These leaders have become favorites of many fishing guides across the states.  Reasons, they are easy to cast, they DO NOT spook fish and they indicate the most subtle of strikes.  What else do you want from a indicator leader?

Image of our Popular Hi-Vis Nymph Furled Leader.

Below are a few fish from some guides that use our leaders almost exclusively.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Video Link: click Here for Video!

For fly fishers that use furled leaders, applying the paste floatant is a no-brainer, but for anyone new to the furled leader game, we have created a quick video.  This vid shows how to apply floatant to our ever popular Ultimate Dry Fly leader, but the same process is used for treating our Hi-Vis nymph leader as well.  (only treat the Hi-Vis section).

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We have many F.A.Q's on our website about furled leaders as well.