Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Furled Fly Fishing Leaders Press Release! 2/23/2011

February 23, 2011
Boise Idaho U.S.A.

Immediate press release.

Cutthroat furled fishing leaders of Idaho has introduced the world of fly fishing to the worlds finest hand crafted furled fishing leaders. Cutthroat leader company hand makes each leader using a unique tried and true furling process. This furling process gives the leader zero memory along with amazing durability and built in stretch. Many of the reviews of cutthroat leaders say these leaders cast like a dream and completely effortless. Furled leaders have been documented being used dating back well over 250 years. Cutthroat leaders provides the finest leaders on the market today. When we asked the owner Mike Morin "What makes your furled leaders better than other leaders available?" Mike had this to say "I make each leader by hand myself. I keep quality to the highest level and would never send out a less than perfect leader because my name is on it. I look at furling leaders as a craft and true craftsman never sacrifice quality. I offer a no questions asked return policy on every product I sell just to ensure my customers accuracy. I hand craft these leaders right here in the U.S.A. with quality and I am very proud of it. Please contact me as I see it an honor to be a part of your fly fishing experiences." Thank you. Mike Morin.

A furled fly fishing leader is typically tapered. The actual length of the leaders varies depending on the appication. For ultimate dry fly fishing many aglers go with a 5/6wt. leader that floats. This gives the angler total casting performance along with the other benefits of using a furled leader. Cutthroat leaders applies floatant during the furling process which aids the leader in boyancy. Many dry fly anglers demand performance out of their leaders. If the leader carries any memory this causes loss of energy and translates to a bad fly presentation. Many studies suggest more than half of catching fish topwater depends upon the actual fly presentation. Fish that are known to be aggressive such as trout in rivers typically feed based on the way their meal is presented to them.

To find out more information on hand crafted furled fly fishing leaders go here: We have a full photo portfolio, and additional information about furled leaders.

Furled fly fishing leaders have been documented as premier fishing leaders dating back well over 250 years. The tradition is quickly gaining resurgance since these leaders are re-useable, which helps promote sustainability in our environment. With the new resurgence of the art tenkara less ultimately becomes more. Evidence suggests that fly fisherman look at their recreation as a time to get away from everyday life. Traditional japenese fisherman consider fishing to have healing properties. The tenkara fishing art is based around these key elements. Backpack or hike to a secluded stream or river with only a small box of flies, a tenkara rod in tote, a tenkara leader with a small tippet attached which then connects to the fishing flies and no other fishing reels or other combersome equipment. A minimalistic approach to fly fishing which is widely gaining in popularity.

"Since the beginning here at Cutthroat leaders we have heard sceptics." say's Mike Morin. "Many of the river guides were not willing to even try our leaders out of fear they could waiste precious time going with a new leader formula. The fishing guides even mentioned that it may be too long of a learning curve for a beginner or intermediate fly fisherman. Then, they realized my leaders allowed novice fisherman amazing turnovers. For the ultimate dry fly fishing casting experience, try our dry fly furled leaders. We are currently working closely with industry professionals and are in development for spey casting leaders, saltwater fly fishing leaders, tenkara leaders, and nymphing leaders as well as make to order leaders for that special fly fishing application." Email me: or website:

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Incredable dry fly casting, Try CutThroat Furled Leaders Today!

CutThroat Furled Fly Fishing Leaders are known as the worlds finest hand made fly fishing leaders. Furled fishing leaders are a 250 year old tradition in fly fishing with the perfect balance of durability and elegence. Every cast extends to its full length even in strong wind! Cast with unbelievable control and finesse many different sized leaders are available for everything from running a size 24 midge to a big fat bass bug. Just attach your desired length tippet typicall 5-9 ft. and you are ready to experience the most precise casting of your life.