Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Our Hi-Vis Nymphing Leader is quickly becoming the most popular leader around for fishing smaller beadheads, emergers, nymphs, etc. Reason being, it casts so perfectly.  I was recently out doing some R&D on a new High Sticking Leader we are working on.  My 9yr son wanted to come along, so I set him up a rod already rigged up with our Hi-Vis nymph leader on it.  I was casting upriver, and fishing a similar style that George Daniels often talks about, tight Line nymphing with a sighter.

My son was casting his 5wt, rod with our Cutthroat Furled Hi-vis leader and he was hooking into fish after fish.

After about the 4th fish he landed, I decided to sit back and watch what he was doing.  Up until this point, I was actively fishing utilizing a high stick method.  Yes, I was catching fish, but I will admit I was being out-fished by my son.   He would make a short cast up river, about 25 feet.  He would throw one mend in the line and simply watch the indicator.  Line mending with a furled leader is so much easier to do because of the surface stick a fueled leader has.  Once the indicator showed any sign of movement, my son would simply raise his rod.  Often times, there was a fish on the end...

These leaders have become favorites of many fishing guides across the states.  Reasons, they are easy to cast, they DO NOT spook fish and they indicate the most subtle of strikes.  What else do you want from a indicator leader?

Image of our Popular Hi-Vis Nymph Furled Leader.

Below are a few fish from some guides that use our leaders almost exclusively.