Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why Choose Cutthroat Furled leaders?

- Change leader and tippet quickly

- Land and catch lager fish with smaller tippet

- Refine your casting loop

- Increased accuracy and distances

- Presentations go through the roof

- Our leaders last! Typically an entire season.

- All leaders come with your choice of loop or tippet ring, for easy tippet change out

Many weights and sizes available.

Why Consider Trying a Furled Leader?
If you are a knot lover even the thought of tying a knot-less leader might trouble you, But there are some distinct advantages, Our cutthroat furled fly fishing leader tapers smoothly from butt to tippet. Additionally, a furled fishing leader has no even zero memory whatsoever. It is as limp as rope. In saltwater fly fishing for example, many fly fisherman who swear by the single-strand monofilament leaders with multiple complex knots might be convinced that a furled leader is simply out of the question. Consider, however, that furled leaders will not and do not kink. The result is no wind knots. They have a superior stretch to standard mono that in single-strand leaders is usually incorporated into class tippets (closer to the fly). they actually turn over much more smoothly and consistently than any step-down, regular knotted leader possibly can. They land on the water like a stonefly or dragonfly ,They are also erfectly Tapered for perfect "Realistic Fly Presntaions" turnovers.

Outlasts Standard Tapered "off-the shelf" Leaders by months
Effective for both Dry and Wet Fly Fishing
Allows Gentle, Accurate Presentations
Absolutely Free of Line Memory
Drag Free Presentation
Wind Knot Resistant
Tight Casting Loops
Natural Elasticity

Cutthroat Furled Thread Leaders will massivley improve all your casting accuracy and your presentatiosn from beginner to expert levels, which ultimately builds confidence. In the hands of a veteran fly caster you will swear you can add another 20ft to your cast
The least understood element of a fly fisherman’s equipment is the leader. Anglers spend large sums of money on rods, reels, even flylines, but place relatively little emphasis on the element of tackle that is second only to the fly in proximity to their fish: the leader. Most flyfishermen spend less than $5 on a leader and then wonder why their aggregate system will not accomplish all the things expected of it. It makes little sense to weaken a wonderful set of equipment by forcing yourself to rely on a cheap inferior leader.

Cutthroat Furled leaders are knotless and will efficiently transmit the energy of the cast every time and because our furled leaders are knotless; there is nothing to get tangled up. our leaders are tapered and limp enough to turn over with the slightest energy, resulting in a very straight presentation. With their streamlined taper and spiraled profile, Hemigways Leaders are less affected by wind than other knotted leaders. The weight distribution of the leader mimics the transition in a tapered fly line and has the same effect, therefore aiding the leader in turning over. Energy is what moves fly line, and the efficient transfer of that energy from the rod to the line to the fly in the course of the cast is absolutely critical. Tapered lines and furled leaders are more effective in transferring energy through the cast because they use thicker, heavier, and stiffer line to move, and turnover, thinner lighter and more flexible line. This helps maintain line speed and makes casting easier. The transition from a fly line that weighs several times that of the average leader material to the tippet and then the fly can be a major problem if the wrong leader is used.
Standard tapered leaders do not adequately transfer the power of the cast to the tippet and fly, often resulting in short or wayward casts, especially in windy conditions. This is not the case with Heminways leaders. If the leader is unable to turn over the fly, the line is possibly hinging or has lost energy and is prematurely terminating in the collapse of the casting loop and possibly causing a tangled mess. The simplest way to minimize casting failure is to form a gradual transition to the fly. This gradual transition of the leader is best done with the furled leader which will slow the speed of the loop until it unfolds, and often presents the fly at the end of a series of S curves on the water, allowing the fly to float without the added drag of the line. The transitional taper of our leaders are carefully matched to the weight of your fly line so you will slow the speed of both the fly and the leader, which means you won’t hit the water with a high impact splash. Also, the taper of the leader will slow down the fly so that it does not spin into a spiral or snap like a whip at the end of your backcast.

Our furled leaders provide unmatched overstrike protection because of there superior elasticity. Throw those shock tippets away! Just hold the butt end in one hand and the fine tip in the other hand. Now outstretch your arms and feel the natural resiliency built into this leader. Don’t loose that really big fish of a lifetime in the last few feet of landing him when lots of pressure is applied. With other types of leaders, your tippet will usually part ways with that trophy when that much pressure is applied. Cutthroat leaders are the real deal. Our leaders have been designed to give you unparalleled performance and presentation on the water, our leaders are carefully assembled to very strict tolerances which have been developed and fine tuned over a span of many years we have eliminated many of the inconsistent results found with other leaders. Don’t be fooled by others with inferior hand-made leaders who claim to make a quality product.

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