Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CutThroat Leaders Saltwater Customer Testimonial

Hand Made Furled Leader Real Cutomer Testimonial!

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Subject: Leaders
"Finally got around to writing you about your leaders in salt water. Not to put too fine a point on it, but they performed in an absolutely fantastic manner. I was fishing after dark near Mobile Bay. People on the water usually put lights up which attract bait fish which attract bigger fish etc. You know the drill. I was using a fly (name unknown). I tied it on a 2/0 long shank hook, no tail or body but a lot of white hair 1.5 to 2 times the shank length, black thread wrapped to form a big head, painted eyes (white w/black center). In less than 2hrs, landed four redfish around 2.5 lbs each and a speckled trout near the same size. Casting with an 8wgt rod with floating line. The leader was casting 40+ feet with perfect turnover. I let the fly sink, two long jerks of the line, let it sink and two more jerks. Usually got the strike on the second set of jerks. I think they see the movement, come over to investigate and attack on the second movement. Given the time of day and the water color (a little murky) I think the brown leaders are the way to go.
Keep up the good work. Happy Holidays."

CutThroat Leader Combo Pack Now On Sale!

12/21/2010 2:54 Mountain Standard Time

Subect: CutThroat Furled Fishing Leader Combo Pack Sale

To Order:

After numerious requests to offer a combo pack here it is. Cut Throat leaders now offers "The Brown Trout Package".

"Two Hand Woven "Ultimate" Thread Furled Dry Fly Leaders, 76" in Length with a small Tippet Ring for easy Tippet changes. This is one of our best selling leaders. They present the fly with amazing laydowns yet have the durability to be fished an entire season. Once used, this will be your go to leader for all dry fly fishing situations. The Leaders are Camo in color, (green and Tan) to blend in with most fishing situations. The Nymphing (wet fly) Leader is Green or Tan in color with a Tippet ring for easy tippet changes." "This is our most popular leader combo package and it is on sale!"

"The Ultimate Dry Fly Leader, Hand Made By CutThroat Leaders.

12/21/2010 2:34 Mountain Standard Time:

Rocky Mountains West:

Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, California, Oaklahoma.

"The Ultimate Dry Fly Leader: This leader is a must for enhancing your dry fly presentations. These Leaders will turn 6'-10' of your favorite tippet and drop your dry with the most gentle of lay-downs. I currently offer these Threaded Furled Leaders" in 3-4 wt. and 5-6 wt as these are the most common trout lines. Myself along with other satisfied customers have landed huge fish on the 5-6 leaders using only 7X tippet. The Leaders ability to provide durability, strength and stretch will surprise even the most seasoned angler. Cut Throat Furled fly fishing leaders are known for their perfect taper or tapered end. These hand crafted leaders are known throughout the industry as the finest hand made furled fly fishing leaders in the world."
For more information visit our website: http://www.cutthroatleader.com or to place your order visit our webstore at http://www.shop.cutthroatleader.com
Fly fishing for rainbow trout, brooke trout, cut throat trout, brown trout and steelhead trout just got a whole lot easier. Thanks to CutThroat Leaders Of Idaho!

CutThroat Leaders Hand Crafted Furled Fly Fishing Leaders


I interviewed Mike Morin owner of CutThroat Fishing Leaders of Idaho. When asked why your leaders over your competition. Mike had this to say "I personally make all my leaders by hand 1 at a time. I discard 20% of them due to quality control. If it is not perfect I don't sell it. I also offer a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee on my furled fishing leaders. You can check out our new website" @ http://www.cutthroatleader.com/ or @ http://www.cutthroatleaders.com/ "A furled tapered leader is far superior to traditional filiment leaders that tangle twist and ulitmately don't perform. Our furled leaders are made from UNI thread and we also stock a new "Hybrid Leader." "CutThroats Original Hybrid" Nymphing Leader, This Leader brings the best of both leader materials together. The upper portion "Butt Section"" is made up of additional lengths of thread, (for casting heavier wet flies/nymphs and tapers down to a transition of 100% fluorocarbon which aids in delivering the fly's down deep. The Fluorocarbon is also furled, creating and amazing nyphing leader. Choose a brightly colored thread and use the threaded leader as a 36" long strike indicator. Works great on the subtle strike you may have been missing with a typical "bobber" type indicator." Mike Morin 12/21/2010 To order my leaders visit here: http://www.shop.cutthroatleader.com/