Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CutThroat Leaders Hand Crafted Furled Fly Fishing Leaders


I interviewed Mike Morin owner of CutThroat Fishing Leaders of Idaho. When asked why your leaders over your competition. Mike had this to say "I personally make all my leaders by hand 1 at a time. I discard 20% of them due to quality control. If it is not perfect I don't sell it. I also offer a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee on my furled fishing leaders. You can check out our new website" @ http://www.cutthroatleader.com/ or @ http://www.cutthroatleaders.com/ "A furled tapered leader is far superior to traditional filiment leaders that tangle twist and ulitmately don't perform. Our furled leaders are made from UNI thread and we also stock a new "Hybrid Leader." "CutThroats Original Hybrid" Nymphing Leader, This Leader brings the best of both leader materials together. The upper portion "Butt Section"" is made up of additional lengths of thread, (for casting heavier wet flies/nymphs and tapers down to a transition of 100% fluorocarbon which aids in delivering the fly's down deep. The Fluorocarbon is also furled, creating and amazing nyphing leader. Choose a brightly colored thread and use the threaded leader as a 36" long strike indicator. Works great on the subtle strike you may have been missing with a typical "bobber" type indicator." Mike Morin 12/21/2010 To order my leaders visit here: http://www.shop.cutthroatleader.com/

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