Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Furled Steelhead Leaders

Subject: Furled Steelhead Leaders Testimonial

CutThroat Leader Testimonial: "Just tried your new 50 inch steelhead leader on the opening day of Steelhead season on the Central coast of California and had to write. The weather turned real windy for the opener and we had 50+ mph gusts blowing all day. I fished a two fly flash bugger/nymph combo all day with your leader and had virtually no foul-ups, knots or other problems normally encountered when fishing this twqo fly rig, especially in high winds. The steelhead leader with about 6 feet of 3x flouro tippet turned over the flies with ease and I was able to maintain much tighter loops (necessary for the windy conditions) without fouling the flies than I ever have with a conventional mono leader. The swivel end worked to eliminate line twist as advertised, and, best of all, I caught plenty of fish. Thanks for making such a great product. I have also used your dry fly leaders and now will fish nothing else.John Moss, Atascadero, CA"

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