Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fly Fishing Dry Fly / Dropper or Double Dropper set-ups. How do you rig?

How do you attach a dropper rig...

There are multiple ways of tying on a dropper fly.  If you ask four fly fishers their favorite method, you very well might receive four different options.  The above image reflects the four most common methods.  Which do you use...?

1. Attach dropper tippet to hook bend with a clinch knot.  I use this method when fishing tiny dry flies and the hook eye will not accept two pieces of tippet.

2. Attach dropper tippet to the hook-eye.  This option gives the first fly better action.

3. The use of a long tag end is a great system.  This means you can change either of the two fly's independently of each other.  

4. The sliding dropper offers you the ability to switch either fly our independently.  It also gives you the ability to adjust the location of the dropper along the length of the mainline. 

Our Thread Furled Leaders are great for dry fly / dropper setups for smaller / lightweight flies.  If you are throwing heavy flies / split shot st-ups, our Nylon Big Bug Furled Leaders are the best choice.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Fly Fishing Leaders... Dry Fly, Nymphing, Indicator Fishing, Streamer Fishing.

Every Year we receive interesting question from Customers world wide.

One of the most interesting question we have received more than once is....
Can Cutthroat Furled Leaders be used for catching other than cutthroat Trout....

Short Answer.... YES!

Cutthroat Trout...

Tiger Trout "Hybrid"

 Brown Trout


RainBow Trout

We receive hundreds if not thousands of "Happy Customer Pics" each year.  They include every species of fish you can imagine.  From Trout to Bone fish, Redfish, Barracuda, Panfish, sharks, etc.
If you have not yet checked us out, Please do so now.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What type of a Fly Fisher are you...?

What type of Fly Fisherman are you...?

I fish with a wide range if fly fishers.  Some of my buddies spend hours each evening before our morning departure getting their gear ready.  Others, simply grab their pack and rods that were left on the garage floor and have not moved or been opened since our last trip out.
No one type is any better than the other.  If we were all did things the same, life would get pretty dull.  Also, how could we pick on our buddies for being different…?

Type-1: Reorganize your flies before each trip.  Change leaders and or tippets before you pack up your rods.  Pack a couple different rod weights as you never know what the day may bring.   You have separate fly boxes for each river you fish most often, maybe your boxes are broken down into seasons, etc…?

Type-2. You know your set-ups are just about ready.  Not yet sure what flies you will be throwing, but you have enough fly boxes in your pack to get you through the day.  If you don’t have what you need, you can figure things our riverside to make the day a success.
Type-3:  You have a rod, and a reel with line on it.  If you do not have all you need, you know your fishing buddy will help you out. 

I am guessing I am in between type-1 and type-2.  If the trip is to some local waters, I am more of a type-2.  If this is a bigger trip that requires travel, I am most definitely a type-1.

Let us know your thoughts...