Friday, November 18, 2016

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fishing Streamers.... like a dry fly

This last trip I made, I was determined to throw more streamers than anything else.  See, typically I am dry fly guy.  But with the cooling temps, the top water bugs are slowing down significantly.

My streamer choice, anything from FlyLabz in the McTwist family.    These streamers have such an amazing action in the water.   Even while dead drifting, the action of the streamer screams to trout....  "BITE ME".

 During this last trip, we caught fish on streamers in the typical fashion.  Cast and swing and or cast and strip.  The strikes usually come either soon after the fly hits the water or towards the end of swing.

We came to a pool that looked extremely fishy.  We pulled fish out on Nymphs as well as stripping Streamers.  But the bite started to slow down significantly.  We knew there were more hungry fish in this section of water.  It was then I decided to change things up a bit.

 Meaning, I was going to fish this run as if I was dry fly fishing, but only with a streamer...  This would be a first for me.

I make my cast, Throw a mend in the line to eliminate drag.  My line, leader and streamer are drifting drag free.  I cannot see my fly, but I know the general area the fly by watching the current.  I see a big swirl in the general area of my fly and I set the hook.  Fish on, Good fish on...  It was actually a BullTrout.  A small Bull Trout at that, but a bull none the less.  

This was the first fish of many that would be hooked using the dead drift method with one of these McTwist Streamers.  Keep ion mind, this is during the fall when the flows are down.  Meaning, the deep pools / holes are not nearly as deep as during the high flows months.

Fishing streamers is now a close second to my passon of Dry Fly Fishing.  Depending on the lighting, depth of water, and water clarity, streamer fishing can also be a very visual experience.  Typically you will not see a complete fish, but a flash, or some indication that a fish has turned on to your streamer. To me, so much better than watching an indicator.  

If you have not spent much time fishing streamers, you should do so.  Our Streamer Leaders below are for fly fishers that do not have a specific streamer fly-line.  See, these leaders add mass and weight to your fly line head.  Making the casting / delivery / turnover of large streamers a breeze.
No more chuck & duck.


The image above shows the three McTwist Streamers I fish most often.   Our Streamer Leader has a 36" Furled Fluorocarbon Section, an extender length of heavy fluoro and a micro swivel.