Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What Leader do I need...?

Even before I began Cutthroat Leader co. I was a firm believer that you needed the proper tool for the job.  Not just in fishing, but when doing finished carpentry, landscaping, furniture building and more. Having and using the proper tools not only makes the task more enjoyable, but very often, the project outcome is typically much better.  

Same thing for fly fishing.  Having the proper tools makes for a more enjoyable and productive day. No other item in your setup aides in the delivery of your fly as the leader you use.  

While doing the fly fishing trade show circuit, we often hear from fly fishers that want one leader to do everything.  Sure anyone can throw on any fly they decide to their leader and catch fish, (once in a while) but is that the best system.  Think of tying a large weighted wolley bugger on the same leader that you deliver a small size 20 dry fly to rising trout...?  Even if you are a great caster, this outcome would not be pretty.

Because 90% of new fly line have welded loops, changing leaders takes less than two minutes.  That two minutes will make large improvements to the delivery of your fly to feeding fish.

Most of my fishing is with an ultimate dry fly leader, a dry fly and or a dry fly  / dropper setup.  On a typical day of fishing, I will throw small dry flies as well as large heavy streamers with the same fly line.  This means a quick leader change occurs often.  If while tossing streamers against the bank, I see a small hatch materialize, I quickly change my setup to deliver dry flies to feeding fish.  This system not only increases catch rates, but also makes the day on the water much more enjoyable.

A couple different style leaders in your arsenal is all you need.

We do offer a nylon furled leader for those that want that one leader to do everything.  I will admit is does nothing perfectly, but does perform many different fly fishing scenarios better than most.  If fishing dries, simply apply some leader floatant to eliminate any over-spray.   This leader is great with bobber style indicators as the leader does not kink.    Depending on size of tippet you use, you can throw small dries, up to weighted streamers. As mentioned above, it will not be perfect in any one situation, but it will be decent in many fly fishing situations..