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Furled Steelhead Leaders

Subject: Furled Steelhead Leaders Testimonial

CutThroat Leader Testimonial: "Just tried your new 50 inch steelhead leader on the opening day of Steelhead season on the Central coast of California and had to write. The weather turned real windy for the opener and we had 50+ mph gusts blowing all day. I fished a two fly flash bugger/nymph combo all day with your leader and had virtually no foul-ups, knots or other problems normally encountered when fishing this twqo fly rig, especially in high winds. The steelhead leader with about 6 feet of 3x flouro tippet turned over the flies with ease and I was able to maintain much tighter loops (necessary for the windy conditions) without fouling the flies than I ever have with a conventional mono leader. The swivel end worked to eliminate line twist as advertised, and, best of all, I caught plenty of fish. Thanks for making such a great product. I have also used your dry fly leaders and now will fish nothing else.John Moss, Atascadero, CA"

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spey Furled Leaders Now Available For 2011!

October 5, 2011

"Spey Furled Leaders For Fly Fishing"

(Click Photo To Enlarge)

Cutthroat Leader Co. of Meridian Idaho has just launched a brand new line of Spey Leaders. We interviewed Mike Morin, Owner of Cutthroat Leader Co. about this new announcement by his company. When asked, "What makes your Spey Leaders better than your competitors?" Mike smiles and says "In the past 10 years of furling leaders this new product line has me most excited. First of all I still enjoy furling leaders one by one. This new Cutthroat Spey Leader line are the longest leaders we have ever produced. If you have ever had an opportunity to cast one of our ultimate dry fly leaders you understand how delicate of a presentation is acheived do to the lack of memory in the leader. Our new Spey Leader has the same great performace but the length and strength is increased while not sacrificing any of this performace we are known for in our other furled leaders lines. After numerious tweaks to the development process we have now forumulated a leader recipe that we feel changes the game. Other industry professionals have been impressed. While on the Boise river during a demo session with our new line I had the opportunity to watch Michael Bantam of Dreamcast Idaho shoot line all the way down the river while spey casting our new spey leader line. Our new line of leaders had him smiling and quite impressed. According to Mr. Bantam our spey leader presented a fly like no other leader he had ever fished in the past 30 years. This was quite a compliment and I knew we were on to something. We made slight changes to the taper and length and are now producing our first line of Spey Furled Leaders." You can contact Mike Morin for additional information at his website located at Fine Furled Fly Fishing Leaders By Cutthroat Leader Co. : http://www.cutthroatleader.com/

CutThroat Leaders recommend the following leader lengths for various spey/switch rods.

9'-0” Leader for 10' thru 12' rods
10’-0” Leader for 12' thru 13'6" rods
11'-6" for 14' thru 15' rods

5/6 wt leaders have a breaking strength of 8-10lbs
7/8 wt leaders have a breaking strength of 14-16 Lbs.
9/10 wt leaders have a btreaking strength of 16-18 Lbs.

Tippet ends are either Shorb Loop or Tippet ring.
More energy for better turnover. Your fly is “tight-line fishing” immediately after the cast. Extremely durable, out last the typical poly leader. Woven in stretch, provide amazing over-strike protection.

Our 10-0” & 11’-6” Spey Leaders offer unparraled enegy transfer from rod to fly. Unlike tapered leaders made from monofiliment or nylon, every bit of energy from the cast actaully travels through the furled leader, your casting and presentation WILL improve.

The Dry Fly / Skating leader will allow you to drop a fly onto the water with a fully extended fly line/ leader/ tippet. This means you are tight line fishing immediately. We recommend that you apply your favorite paste type floatant to the upper third (butt section) of the leader. This gives you just the right amount of stick needed for swinging wet flys as well as droping large skating flys as desired. These leaders are very durable and and can last and entire season.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lake Float Tube Fly Fishing With A Furled Leader!

Lake Fly Fishing Out Of A Float Tube is improved with the use of a Furled Leader. After interviewing various float tube fly fisherman many of them had never heard of the use of a furled leader while depth fishing in a lake or resevoir. Many just use a typical mono leader with a full sink fly fishing line. The issue lies in that the typical mono leader carries memory and can coil when being trolled behind a float tube. This mono type leader is what most lake float tube fisherman utilize. Now with the advancement of modern technology and combined with a timeless traditional furling technique used by master fly fisherman around the world for centuries you have the introduction to a sinking Furled Thread Leader.

For the most accurate true drift furled leader there is none better than a thread leader. When trolling at depth the leader will present the fly unlike any mono leader on the market. An exact and steady sink rate can be acheived and since these leaders have a built in tippet ring (notice picture to leaft) it also makes for simple tippet changes. Many lake fly fisherman use a 24 inch or a 36 inch standard mono leader with their rigging. With a typical tippet length of 7ft. to 8ft. for best performance. Note for the very best performance possible veteran's stillwater fly fisherman fish with a long tippet, short leader and a overall steady sink rate of 3.5 inches per second with the entire rig. The best option for trout fishing out of a float tube is to run the Cutthroat Leaders 24 inch Nymphing Thread Furled Leaders. Click Here To SHOP

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Split Cane Bamboo Rods @ Affordable Prices!

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October 2, 2011

When searching for a split cane bamboo fly rod you will notice that many manufacturers are charging a few weeks salary to buy one. At The Anglers Roost you will find great deals on only the best fly fishing tackle. Each rod comes with a rod holder and a spare tip just in case. Other fly fishing suppliers charge for a spare tip and rod holder.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reinforced Furled Spey Fly Fishing Leaders 2011

August 24, 2011

Subjest: Introducing Reinforced Spey Furled Leaders By Cutthroat Leaders!

Spey Leaders from Cutthroat Leaders offer:
More energy for better turnover. Your fly is “tight-line fishing” immediately after the cast. Extremely durable, out last the typical poly leader. Woven in stretch, provide amazing over-strike protection.

Our 10-0” & 11’-6” Spey Leaders offer unparraled enegy transfer from rod to fly. Unlike tapered leaders made from monofiliment or nylon, every bit of energy from the cast actaully travels through the furled leader, your casting and presentation WILL improve. The Dry Fly / Skating leader will allow you to drop a fly onto the water with a fully extended fly line/ leader/ tippet. This means you are tight line fishing immediately. We recommend that you apply your favorite paste type floatant to the upper third (butt section) of the leader. This gives you just the right amount of stick needed for swinging wet flys as well as droping large skating flys as desired. These leaders are very durable and and can last and entire season.

Our Spey leaders have been tested using 6’-8’ of tippet. Even with large wind resistant dry fly’s or large heavy streamers, these leaders turn fly and tippet over with ease.

Our Spey Leaders are constantly being tested by Spey fisherman with years of experience. The most common remark after fishing one of our Furled Spey leaders “Wow, you really have something here, these leaders are amazing…….”
As with anything different, change is tough. Most Spey guys have never used a furled leader and that is our biggest obstacle. Once used, our leaders become most guys’ goto leader. We will be providing a video very Shorty showing how these leaders perform. Both casting and under-water, you will be amazed. Keep an eye out for the Video to be uploaded to this site in coming months.

We at CutThroat Leaders recommend the following leader lengths for various spey/switch rods.

9'-0” Leader for 10' thru 12' rods
10’-0” Leader for 12' thru 13'6" rods
11'-6" for 14' thru 15' rods

5/6 wt leaders have a breaking strength of 8-10lbs
7/8 wt leaders have a breaking strength of 14-16 Lbs.
9/10 wt leaders have a btreaking strength of 16-18 Lbs.

Tippet ends are either Shorb Loop or Tippet ring.

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World's Finest Hand Crafted Spey - Switch Cast Furled Leaders!

Choosing the Correct Leader for your set-up.
If streamer fishing, we recommend a shorter leader and longer tippet.
If Nymph fishing, we recommend a longer leader (matched up to the rod length) and a longer tippet.
Our Leaders offer the fisher much diversity. You can apply floatant to the upper third of the leader for easy pick-ups. You can also apply sinket to the end of the leader while nymphing.
Our Spey leaders have been tested using 6’-8’ of tippet. Even with large wind resistant dry fly’s or large heavy streamers, these leaders turn fly and tippet over with ease.

Our "Dredger" type of Spey Leader is for getting deep fast. This leader is only 24” long with a steep taper. The Dredger leader is pretreated to break surface tension and sink fast. The sink rate is approx. 2-3 inch per second.

5/6 wt leaders have a breaking strength of 8-10lbs
7/8 wt leaders have a breaking strength of 14-16 Lbs.
9/10 wt leaders have a btreaking strength of 16-18 Lbs.

Tippet ends are either Shorb Loop or Tippet ring.

Reinforced Spey Leaders
Reinforced Spey Leaders, these leaders have all the great advantages of our standard spey leaders, great stick, amazing ability to turn over extremely long tippets, tippet protection, etc, plus an amazing breaking strength. These leaders are durable and will last. No matter what size tippet you throw, it will break long before the leader ever does……….. Our testing shows breaking strength at 25 lbs plus.

These Leaders currently come in Moss green butt section which transitions to either a moss green or clear/transparent tippet end. Leader color is not all that important when you can throw 8'-0" length of tippet and be tight-line fishing immediately.

Current Reinforced Spey Leaders come in the following lengths.

Switch rod Leaders:
9’-0” for 5/6 wt, 7/8 wt, & 9/10 wt.
As well as reinforced Switch rod leaders same lengths & wt noted above.

Spey Leaders:
10’-0” for 5/6 , 7/8” wt & 9/10 wt lines
11’-6” for 7/8” wt & 9/10 wt lines
As well as reinforced Spey leaders same lengths & wt noted above.

Tippet ends are either Shorb Loop or Tippet ring.
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fly Fishing Forum 2011


Fly Fishing Forum Social Community! Fly Fishing news, fishing reports and more. Connect with industry professionals like guides, fly casting instructors, spey casting instructors and regular fly fisherman accross the globe. Just click the sign in with facebook button if you have a facebook account and you are instantly approved! Tight Lines!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spey Cast Furled Leaders New For 2011!

April 7, 2011 Cutthroat Furled Spey Leaders This illustration from 1895 depicts a fisherman during a salmon fly hatch with his spey rod. Spey casting, by definition is a fly fishing casting technique. Spey casting ultimately requires a longer, heavier two-handed fly rod, referred to as a "spey rod. Spey casting is used for fishing larger rivers for catching large trout, sea trout, steelhead or salmon. Spey technique has also been known to be used in saltwater surf casting or even kayak fishing. All of these situations require the angler to cast larger flies long distances. The specific two-handed SPEY CAST technique allows more powerful casts and avoids obstacles on the shore by keeping most of the line in front of the angler. While there are many variations of the Spey cast, the basic technique is broken down into a few simple actions. With your cutthroat furled leader floating directly downstream, the angler first lifts the line off the water with the tip of the rod. The angler then sweeps the line backwards just above the water, and allows just the fly and leader to "anchor" the cast by touching the water one to two rod lengths away. This back-cast is often referred to as the "D-loop", from the curving shape of the line between the anchor and the tip of the rod. While swinging the "D-Loop," it is important to make one continuous, deliberate motion with the rod tip climbing at a 45 degree angle off the water. As the "D-Loop" comes around, the cast is completed by firing the line forward with a sharp two-handed "push-pull" motion on the handle of the rod while making an abrupt stop with the rod tip at the end of the cast. The cast is most easily compared to a roll cast in one-handed fly fishing, although by using the fly as an anchor, the Spey cast allows a greater loading of the rod and thus achieves greater distance than a one-handed cast. The "Spey Cast" technique was originally developed on the river "Spey" located in Scotland. SAVE 10% on all orders are get free shipping, at check out use code FFF http://www.shop.cutthroatleader.com For additional spey leaders information please go to our website. http://www.speyleaders.com/ To shop our 2011 spey leaders please visit our store located at http://www.shop.cutthroatleader.com/ Tight Lines!

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Tenkara Furled Fly Fishing Leaders New For 2011!

Tenkara Fly Fishing Leaders are hand made in Idaho by CutThroat Leader Co. Tenkara leaders will provide you with the most amazing casting & presentation one can imagine. Furled tenkara leaders are crafted with the same ancient methods that horsehair leaders were created with thousands of years ago. The soft presentation you will get with a “Tenkara Thread Furled Leader” is unmatched by any mono or nylon leader you have used in the past.

Cutthroat offers Tenkara leaders with a tippet ring. This ring makes for fast easy tippet changes without worrying about nipping the actual leader by mistake. The ring is so small that you will not know it is there. Think of the eye of a #16 fly-hook. These rings actually float when attached to a leader that has been treated with floatant.

We recommend that you treat our leaders with muslin or a paste type floatant, you can order Payette paste on our site. This paste not only keeps the leaders floating high all day, but it adds mass to the leader, which aids in cutting through the wind. We also stock tenkara leaders and tippet!

Tenkara leaders in 10’-0” Lengths and 11’-6” Lengths

Cutthroat leaders offer two different strength leaders. Lite/Medium and Medium/Heavy

Tenkara Leader colors Camo (green & tan), Green, Hi-Vis Orange and Pale-Yellow

"No, the leader will not spook fish. Many people ask me about this. Most people fish a store bought 7'-6"-9'-0 long leader. Then attach it to brightly colored fly-lines. Most anglers then add tippet to the end of their leader. Remember that most of these mono / nylon leaders will slap the flie onto the water instead of laying it down gently. I always recommend using between 5-9ft. of tippet between the colored leader and the flie. The difference with my system is that your flies will be presented in such a way that your never before experienced. I have had more than a few customers call or email with stories of fish actually coming out of the water to take the fly before it landed. "How often does that happen to you with your current set-up?" A furled fly fishing leader and tippet package is avaialbe in ur store. Please feel free to browse around our website for tips, information, photo's, and furled fly fishing leaders experiences on our testimonials page. If you have time please watch my informational video above. Best Regards, Mike Morin (Owner/Opperator)."

"Get 10% off and free shipping if you use the code FFF upon check out. This is a discount code for tenkara furled leaders." www.tenkaraleaders.com

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why Choose Cutthroat Furled leaders?

- Change leader and tippet quickly

- Land and catch lager fish with smaller tippet

- Refine your casting loop

- Increased accuracy and distances

- Presentations go through the roof

- Our leaders last! Typically an entire season.

- All leaders come with your choice of loop or tippet ring, for easy tippet change out

Many weights and sizes available.

Why Consider Trying a Furled Leader?
If you are a knot lover even the thought of tying a knot-less leader might trouble you, But there are some distinct advantages, Our cutthroat furled fly fishing leader tapers smoothly from butt to tippet. Additionally, a furled fishing leader has no even zero memory whatsoever. It is as limp as rope. In saltwater fly fishing for example, many fly fisherman who swear by the single-strand monofilament leaders with multiple complex knots might be convinced that a furled leader is simply out of the question. Consider, however, that furled leaders will not and do not kink. The result is no wind knots. They have a superior stretch to standard mono that in single-strand leaders is usually incorporated into class tippets (closer to the fly). they actually turn over much more smoothly and consistently than any step-down, regular knotted leader possibly can. They land on the water like a stonefly or dragonfly ,They are also erfectly Tapered for perfect "Realistic Fly Presntaions" turnovers.

Outlasts Standard Tapered "off-the shelf" Leaders by months
Effective for both Dry and Wet Fly Fishing
Allows Gentle, Accurate Presentations
Absolutely Free of Line Memory
Drag Free Presentation
Wind Knot Resistant
Tight Casting Loops
Natural Elasticity


Cutthroat Furled Thread Leaders will massivley improve all your casting accuracy and your presentatiosn from beginner to expert levels, which ultimately builds confidence. In the hands of a veteran fly caster you will swear you can add another 20ft to your cast
The least understood element of a fly fisherman’s equipment is the leader. Anglers spend large sums of money on rods, reels, even flylines, but place relatively little emphasis on the element of tackle that is second only to the fly in proximity to their fish: the leader. Most flyfishermen spend less than $5 on a leader and then wonder why their aggregate system will not accomplish all the things expected of it. It makes little sense to weaken a wonderful set of equipment by forcing yourself to rely on a cheap inferior leader.

Cutthroat Furled leaders are knotless and will efficiently transmit the energy of the cast every time and because our furled leaders are knotless; there is nothing to get tangled up. our leaders are tapered and limp enough to turn over with the slightest energy, resulting in a very straight presentation. With their streamlined taper and spiraled profile, Hemigways Leaders are less affected by wind than other knotted leaders. The weight distribution of the leader mimics the transition in a tapered fly line and has the same effect, therefore aiding the leader in turning over. Energy is what moves fly line, and the efficient transfer of that energy from the rod to the line to the fly in the course of the cast is absolutely critical. Tapered lines and furled leaders are more effective in transferring energy through the cast because they use thicker, heavier, and stiffer line to move, and turnover, thinner lighter and more flexible line. This helps maintain line speed and makes casting easier. The transition from a fly line that weighs several times that of the average leader material to the tippet and then the fly can be a major problem if the wrong leader is used.
Standard tapered leaders do not adequately transfer the power of the cast to the tippet and fly, often resulting in short or wayward casts, especially in windy conditions. This is not the case with Heminways leaders. If the leader is unable to turn over the fly, the line is possibly hinging or has lost energy and is prematurely terminating in the collapse of the casting loop and possibly causing a tangled mess. The simplest way to minimize casting failure is to form a gradual transition to the fly. This gradual transition of the leader is best done with the furled leader which will slow the speed of the loop until it unfolds, and often presents the fly at the end of a series of S curves on the water, allowing the fly to float without the added drag of the line. The transitional taper of our leaders are carefully matched to the weight of your fly line so you will slow the speed of both the fly and the leader, which means you won’t hit the water with a high impact splash. Also, the taper of the leader will slow down the fly so that it does not spin into a spiral or snap like a whip at the end of your backcast.

Our furled leaders provide unmatched overstrike protection because of there superior elasticity. Throw those shock tippets away! Just hold the butt end in one hand and the fine tip in the other hand. Now outstretch your arms and feel the natural resiliency built into this leader. Don’t loose that really big fish of a lifetime in the last few feet of landing him when lots of pressure is applied. With other types of leaders, your tippet will usually part ways with that trophy when that much pressure is applied. Cutthroat leaders are the real deal. Our leaders have been designed to give you unparalleled performance and presentation on the water, our leaders are carefully assembled to very strict tolerances which have been developed and fine tuned over a span of many years we have eliminated many of the inconsistent results found with other leaders. Don’t be fooled by others with inferior hand-made leaders who claim to make a quality product.

Visit our website: http://www.cutthroatleader.com

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Furled Fly Fishing Leaders Press Release! 2/23/2011

February 23, 2011
Boise Idaho U.S.A.

Immediate press release.

Cutthroat furled fishing leaders of Idaho has introduced the world of fly fishing to the worlds finest hand crafted furled fishing leaders. Cutthroat leader company hand makes each leader using a unique tried and true furling process. This furling process gives the leader zero memory along with amazing durability and built in stretch. Many of the reviews of cutthroat leaders say these leaders cast like a dream and completely effortless. Furled leaders have been documented being used dating back well over 250 years. Cutthroat leaders provides the finest leaders on the market today. When we asked the owner Mike Morin "What makes your furled leaders better than other leaders available?" Mike had this to say "I make each leader by hand myself. I keep quality to the highest level and would never send out a less than perfect leader because my name is on it. I look at furling leaders as a craft and true craftsman never sacrifice quality. I offer a no questions asked return policy on every product I sell just to ensure my customers accuracy. I hand craft these leaders right here in the U.S.A. with quality and I am very proud of it. Please contact me as I see it an honor to be a part of your fly fishing experiences." Thank you. Mike Morin.

A furled fly fishing leader is typically tapered. The actual length of the leaders varies depending on the appication. For ultimate dry fly fishing many aglers go with a 5/6wt. leader that floats. This gives the angler total casting performance along with the other benefits of using a furled leader. Cutthroat leaders applies floatant during the furling process which aids the leader in boyancy. Many dry fly anglers demand performance out of their leaders. If the leader carries any memory this causes loss of energy and translates to a bad fly presentation. Many studies suggest more than half of catching fish topwater depends upon the actual fly presentation. Fish that are known to be aggressive such as trout in rivers typically feed based on the way their meal is presented to them.

To find out more information on hand crafted furled fly fishing leaders go here: http://www.cutthroatleader.com We have a full photo portfolio, and additional information about furled leaders.

Furled fly fishing leaders have been documented as premier fishing leaders dating back well over 250 years. The tradition is quickly gaining resurgance since these leaders are re-useable, which helps promote sustainability in our environment. With the new resurgence of the art tenkara less ultimately becomes more. Evidence suggests that fly fisherman look at their recreation as a time to get away from everyday life. Traditional japenese fisherman consider fishing to have healing properties. The tenkara fishing art is based around these key elements. Backpack or hike to a secluded stream or river with only a small box of flies, a tenkara rod in tote, a tenkara leader with a small tippet attached which then connects to the fishing flies and no other fishing reels or other combersome equipment. A minimalistic approach to fly fishing which is widely gaining in popularity.

"Since the beginning here at Cutthroat leaders we have heard sceptics." say's Mike Morin. "Many of the river guides were not willing to even try our leaders out of fear they could waiste precious time going with a new leader formula. The fishing guides even mentioned that it may be too long of a learning curve for a beginner or intermediate fly fisherman. Then, they realized my leaders allowed novice fisherman amazing turnovers. For the ultimate dry fly fishing casting experience, try our dry fly furled leaders. We are currently working closely with industry professionals and are in development for spey casting leaders, saltwater fly fishing leaders, tenkara leaders, and nymphing leaders as well as make to order leaders for that special fly fishing application." Email me: mike@cutthroatleader.com or website: http://www.cutthroatleader.com/

Tight Lines~

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Incredable dry fly casting, Try CutThroat Furled Leaders Today!

CutThroat Furled Fly Fishing Leaders are known as the worlds finest hand made fly fishing leaders. Furled fishing leaders are a 250 year old tradition in fly fishing with the perfect balance of durability and elegence. Every cast extends to its full length even in strong wind! Cast with unbelievable control and finesse many different sized leaders are available for everything from running a size 24 midge to a big fat bass bug. Just attach your desired length tippet typicall 5-9 ft. and you are ready to experience the most precise casting of your life.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Spey Leaders Coming Soon"

January 15, 2010
"Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo Boise"

This year was a great show! The body of people that are passionate about fishing never ceases to amaze!

This years show was a great opportunity to have a meet and greet about our CutThroat Leaders Of Idaho with avid fishermen and women accross this great state we call home. When asked at the show would you like us to design you a "Spey Furled Leader"?

Michael Bantam of Dream Cast Spey casting had this to say. "Yes, I would be happy to demo out your Spey casting leaders. We could really use a good hand made furled leader for Spey Casting in Idaho. I have been hearing your quality is great from other guys that have tried your leaders." For more information on Spey Casting Lessons visit here: http://www.dreamcastidaho.com/

Mike Morin owner of cutthroat furled fishing leaders of Idaho was interviewed after the Fly Fishing Expo and had this to say. "This show was a huge success for my business. I met a lot of great people at the show and now have the opportunity to design leaders that have never even been on the market. I am just wrapping up design on the worlds first furled spey casting leader. I am also building and designing furled leaders for steelhead fishing which is also widely poplular here in Idaho." Check out more on our Thread Furled Fishing Leaders here: http://www.cutthroatleader.com/ or http://www.furledfishingleaders.com/ Thank you.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Are Furled Fishing Leaders Worth The Extra Cost"?


"Mike Morin Of CutThroat Furled Leaders Had This To Say When Asked The Following."

Are Furled Leaders Worth the extra cost?

I am often asked if Furled leaders are worth the extra upfront cost than standard mono leaders. The quick simple answer is YES! Because you can go an entire fishing season (I fish at least three days a week) with one leader if you keep it out of the trees/brush. Because all you have to do is make tippet changes based on the fly size / presentation you desire. One leader works for large fly’s and small fly’s and will deliver both size fly’s with unprecedented presentation. I was just recently fishing very large Salmon fly's and then switching over to small (size 20) pinks, with only a short length of tippet change. Both flys were presented to the fish with ease. If you are familiar with wind knots, then you know that never having to deal with another wind knot in your leader is worth the additional cost alone. Not to mention the amazing presentation you get with Furled Thread Leaders.
Think of all the money people spend on their fly-fishing gear, yet they want to save a few bucks on the one element (minus the fly) that actually helps you catch fish. Also the built in stretch from the weaving process makes for amazing tippet protection. Smaller tippet equals more strikes. For the small investment of purchasing a thread-furled leader from CutThroat Leaders, you gain a fly fishing experience that is unmatched with inferior types leaders. If you want to invest the time, effort and cost of building your own leaders, have at it, it is a great past time and will only add to your enjoyment of fly-fishing. I have personally woven thousands of leaders; I have learned (by trial and error) what works and what doesn’t. There are other people out there offering thread-furled leaders, but they are more interested in maximizing the number of leaders made per roll of thread. (this drives their cost per leader down), but also makes for a less desirable leader. Yes, the leaders may be less costly at the initial purchase, but in the end, they are of less quality. I use more thread in my leaders than my competitors, why? Because it makes a better leader. I am not concerned with getting as many leaders out of on one spool of thread, I am concerned with producing and selling a leader that is the best dry fly leader you have ever used with.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
sales@cutthroatleader.com or

Thank you,
Mike Morin
Cutthroat Leader Co.

"Bringing Furled Leaders back to the Forefront of the Fly Fishing World"

Mike Morin
Subject: CutThroat Furled Fly Fishing Leaders.

CutThroat Furled Fly Fishing Leaders Of Idaho!

Bringing Furled Leaders back to the Forefront of the Fly Fishing World
by Mike Morin of CutThroat Leader Co. (22-Jul-2010)

Furled Leaders were originally invented many centuries ago, but are currently making resurgence into to the fly-fishing world. Years ago furled leaders were created out of horsehair and or plant fibers that were stripped and dried. Furled leaders of yesteryear began their demise when new materials such as tapered monofilament and nylon, which is mass-produced and is inexpensive, became so popular.

What is a furled leader? It is a leader that is made up of one or two (depending on method of leader building) pieces of material, which is woven and loped at various lengths. The overall length of material can range between 85 and 120 feet. A furled leader typically has three distinct sections. The upper “Butt” section which attaches to the fly line, this section is the thickest section typically containing 18-25 strands of material. The mid section is typically comprised of 12-20 stands and the tippet end section normally has 4-8 strands. The tapper is woven into the leader so there is no definite step down in material thickness, it happen very gradual during the construction process. This creates a leader witch is very smooth yet very flexible unlike monofilament or nylon.

Most fly fisherman are either not familiar with furled leaders, or understand their amazing qualities. I will simply state that the fly presentation you get with a furled leader is amazing and needs to be experienced to be understood. How many of you fishermen have experienced this scenario… Risers are happing all around; you continue to make fly changes as nothing you throw evokes a strike. In the frenzied state of multiple fly changes, you inadvertently end up with an extremely short tapered leader. You are then left with the decision, do I simply try my luck and cast again, or do I take the time to tie in a leader / tippet and possibly miss the end of the hatch? Furled leaders are manufactured with various types of leader ends, which facilitates easy tippet changes. Also, if used correctly, one furled leader can last an entire fishing season.

The aspects of marketing and constant bombardment from various manufactures of not only sporting goods, but also every type of good are relentless. Who would have guessed twenty years ago, that we would be watching bottled water commercials on TV, or even ads for “little blue pills” for that matter. When one finds themselves in the fishing department, they buy what they know, and most only know tapered mono. We are creatures of habit, whether it is fishing the same hole that you caught that monster brown in three years ago, but haven’t had a bite since or it is buying a product that you always bought simply because you have always bought it.

Like so many aspects of fly-fishing, personal taste and experience rule the day. If you ask around, you will inevitably receive many different responses to the question…
“What do you think of furled leaders”? Many from the younger generations will have no or very limited knowledge on the topic, unless of course they have a truly seasoned fly-fishing mentor in their lives, “if only we could all be so lucky”. Many older fly fishers who have previously used furled leaders, but not since the “new and improved” tapered mono leaders hit the shelves back in the mid 60’s might say ‘Why go back to the old furled leader when I can be using the new and improved tapered leader”. New and improved is in the eye of the beholder, and in the case of leaders, the beholder is the large manufactures of inexpensive monofilament and nylon.

Those who have been educated about the amazing qualities of such leaders prefer thread Furled Leaders over any other material for their dry fly fishing. Thread leaders have no memory! None! Therefore, they create much less drag on the surface of the water. They cast great and land with the most gentle of lay-downs. Thread leaders have built in stretch, which allows the use of extremely small tippet. Thread Furled leaders are constructed differently (no hollow core) than braided leaders which do have tendency to create unwanted over-spray after the cast. Threaded Furled Leaders create No! Over-spray. Your casting and presentation will be improved.

CutThroat Leader Co manufactures thread leaders that have been through a water proofing process that all but eliminates the leader from picking up unwanted water spray. These Leaders float high on top of the water surface creating a back-cast, which lifts easily off and does not disturb fish below. Your forward cast will deliver your fly with such a presentation that you will in awe.

CutThroat leaders are created with UNI-Thread. The basic leader is created with a butt section comprising of 25 threads, a mid section consisting of 17 threads, and a bottom section consisting of 8 threads. This creates a natural taper without knots. You can pull these leaders through your hands and never feel the joints from one section to the next. Therefore they create a much more natural drift compared to other leader material. Never have wind knot issues again and as mentioned previously, they have amazing built in stretch that protects your tippet. Your casting and presentation will improve tremendously!

We offer Threaded Leaders in 0-3wt. , 4-5-6 and 7-8 wt as these are the most common trout lines. Myself along with other satisfied customers have landed huge fish on the 5-6 leaders using only 7X tippet. The Leaders ability to provide durability, strength and stretch will surprise even the most seasoned angler.

We also offer a Nymphing Leader with a built in strike indicator. This leader is waterproofed from the indicator to the fly line end loop. This creates a length of leader, which rides high on top of the water, which gives one the ability to read the water currents and detect subtle strikes that may have previously gone un-noticed. Simply tie on a piece of fluorocarbon tippet for delivering the fly down deep.


See you on the water…….
Mike Morin

"Why Choose Furled Fly Fishing Leaders"

Why choose CutThroat Furled Fishing Leaders Of Idaho?

1/12/2010 "Mike Morin"

Boise Idaho U.S.A.

I have been building and using furled leaders for years. Here at CutThroat Furled Fishing Leaders we are constantly modifying and upgrading our manufacturing procedures. We currently use Loon Outdoors Products to water proof our leaders prior to the furling process. This now creates a leader that has amazing floating characteristics. This new process creates a dry fly leader that floats like a cork and all but eliminates over-spray.
The leader will attach to your fly-line via a standard loop-to-loop connection. Think of the tapered furled leader as an extension of your fly-line, "a fly line like no one you have ever used".
When you get stream side, apply your choice of floatant to the dry fly leader and you are ready to fish. After you have landed a few fish (when hooked, the fish will bring the leader underwater), simply re-apply the floatant.
We offer small 2 mm tippet rings that are made specifically for fly fishing leaders. They have no sharp edges that could cut the leader or the tippet. These rings are so small and light, the tippet end of the leader actually floats. We also offer the shorb loop tippet end. Some seasoned fly fisherman prefer this method as it eliminates the hinge scenario that some think occurs with the rings. I use both systems, they each have their own benefits.

The casting presentations you can achieve with Thread furled Leaders are unmatched by any mass produced leader out there. They simply have to be tried to be appreciated. They are also cost effective. One leader can least an entire fishing season, which makes Cutthroat Leaders very cost effective. I have some buddies that fish the same leaders for months on end, fishing weekly. Just make the required tippet changes and you will be all set.
I am always open to answer any questions I can. Please feel free to contact me via email and I will do my very best to get back to you quickly as I can.

Thank you,
Mike Morin

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What is the best weight Fly fishing rod for me?

One of the biggest choices, besides the "action" of a fly rod, that anglers have to make when fishing around for fly rods is what weight of the rod they want to get. And by weight, we're not talking about how much the fly rod itself weighs! Instead, we're talking about what fly line weight the fly rod is designed to properly cast. While a fly rod can indeed cast any fly line weight, using a fly rod that is designed for a fly line weight of 4 with a fly line that actually weighs 7 will make for a very long and frustrating day on the river. Thus, it is imperative that the fly rod match the weight of the fly line you will be using.

Well, that's fine and dandy, but the problem remains, then, what fly line weight should an angler use then? The answer to that, happily, is quite simple. It all depends on what you will be fly fishing for! Once you figure that out, the weight of the fly line you will be using will quickly fall into place - thus making it easy to figure out what weight fly rod you need to get.

So, let's get started figuring out how to determine what fly line weight you want to use.

Fly Line Weight 1-3: Smaller trout, panfish, other small fish. Used when casting small flies on short casts.

Fly Line Weight 4: Small to medium sized trout and other similarly sized fish. Used when casting small flies and medium sized flies using short to medium-short casts.

Fly Line Weight 5-6: The most versatile of the line weights. This line weight fishes well for all but the smallest and all but the largest trout. Also performs adequately for smaller bass (not the lunkers in some Florida lake). Fishes well when using small, medium and larger sized flies (not massive streamers, though). Allows for longer casts yet performs short casts fairly well.

Fly Line Weight 7-8: Designed for very large trout and large bass as well as some saltwater species. Used for pitching large streamers and large flies. Longer casts are excellent. Not the best for short casts. And most definitely not designed for smaller fish and smaller flies.

Fly Line Weight 9-14: Large fish territory. Mainly used for saltwater fishing and fishing for Salmon and Steelhead.

As always make sure you use a proper furled fishing leader such as http://www.cutthroatleader.com/