Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Spey Leaders Coming Soon"

January 15, 2010
"Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo Boise"

This year was a great show! The body of people that are passionate about fishing never ceases to amaze!

This years show was a great opportunity to have a meet and greet about our CutThroat Leaders Of Idaho with avid fishermen and women accross this great state we call home. When asked at the show would you like us to design you a "Spey Furled Leader"?

Michael Bantam of Dream Cast Spey casting had this to say. "Yes, I would be happy to demo out your Spey casting leaders. We could really use a good hand made furled leader for Spey Casting in Idaho. I have been hearing your quality is great from other guys that have tried your leaders." For more information on Spey Casting Lessons visit here: http://www.dreamcastidaho.com/

Mike Morin owner of cutthroat furled fishing leaders of Idaho was interviewed after the Fly Fishing Expo and had this to say. "This show was a huge success for my business. I met a lot of great people at the show and now have the opportunity to design leaders that have never even been on the market. I am just wrapping up design on the worlds first furled spey casting leader. I am also building and designing furled leaders for steelhead fishing which is also widely poplular here in Idaho." Check out more on our Thread Furled Fishing Leaders here: http://www.cutthroatleader.com/ or http://www.furledfishingleaders.com/ Thank you.

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