Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Why Choose Furled Fly Fishing Leaders"

Why choose CutThroat Furled Fishing Leaders Of Idaho?

1/12/2010 "Mike Morin"

Boise Idaho U.S.A.

I have been building and using furled leaders for years. Here at CutThroat Furled Fishing Leaders we are constantly modifying and upgrading our manufacturing procedures. We currently use Loon Outdoors Products to water proof our leaders prior to the furling process. This now creates a leader that has amazing floating characteristics. This new process creates a dry fly leader that floats like a cork and all but eliminates over-spray.
The leader will attach to your fly-line via a standard loop-to-loop connection. Think of the tapered furled leader as an extension of your fly-line, "a fly line like no one you have ever used".
When you get stream side, apply your choice of floatant to the dry fly leader and you are ready to fish. After you have landed a few fish (when hooked, the fish will bring the leader underwater), simply re-apply the floatant.
We offer small 2 mm tippet rings that are made specifically for fly fishing leaders. They have no sharp edges that could cut the leader or the tippet. These rings are so small and light, the tippet end of the leader actually floats. We also offer the shorb loop tippet end. Some seasoned fly fisherman prefer this method as it eliminates the hinge scenario that some think occurs with the rings. I use both systems, they each have their own benefits.

The casting presentations you can achieve with Thread furled Leaders are unmatched by any mass produced leader out there. They simply have to be tried to be appreciated. They are also cost effective. One leader can least an entire fishing season, which makes Cutthroat Leaders very cost effective. I have some buddies that fish the same leaders for months on end, fishing weekly. Just make the required tippet changes and you will be all set.
I am always open to answer any questions I can. Please feel free to contact me via email and I will do my very best to get back to you quickly as I can.

Thank you,
Mike Morin

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