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"Are Furled Fishing Leaders Worth The Extra Cost"?


"Mike Morin Of CutThroat Furled Leaders Had This To Say When Asked The Following."

Are Furled Leaders Worth the extra cost?

I am often asked if Furled leaders are worth the extra upfront cost than standard mono leaders. The quick simple answer is YES! Because you can go an entire fishing season (I fish at least three days a week) with one leader if you keep it out of the trees/brush. Because all you have to do is make tippet changes based on the fly size / presentation you desire. One leader works for large fly’s and small fly’s and will deliver both size fly’s with unprecedented presentation. I was just recently fishing very large Salmon fly's and then switching over to small (size 20) pinks, with only a short length of tippet change. Both flys were presented to the fish with ease. If you are familiar with wind knots, then you know that never having to deal with another wind knot in your leader is worth the additional cost alone. Not to mention the amazing presentation you get with Furled Thread Leaders.
Think of all the money people spend on their fly-fishing gear, yet they want to save a few bucks on the one element (minus the fly) that actually helps you catch fish. Also the built in stretch from the weaving process makes for amazing tippet protection. Smaller tippet equals more strikes. For the small investment of purchasing a thread-furled leader from CutThroat Leaders, you gain a fly fishing experience that is unmatched with inferior types leaders. If you want to invest the time, effort and cost of building your own leaders, have at it, it is a great past time and will only add to your enjoyment of fly-fishing. I have personally woven thousands of leaders; I have learned (by trial and error) what works and what doesn’t. There are other people out there offering thread-furled leaders, but they are more interested in maximizing the number of leaders made per roll of thread. (this drives their cost per leader down), but also makes for a less desirable leader. Yes, the leaders may be less costly at the initial purchase, but in the end, they are of less quality. I use more thread in my leaders than my competitors, why? Because it makes a better leader. I am not concerned with getting as many leaders out of on one spool of thread, I am concerned with producing and selling a leader that is the best dry fly leader you have ever used with.

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Mike Morin
Cutthroat Leader Co.

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