Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tenkara Furled Fly Fishing Leaders New For 2011!

Tenkara Fly Fishing Leaders are hand made in Idaho by CutThroat Leader Co. Tenkara leaders will provide you with the most amazing casting & presentation one can imagine. Furled tenkara leaders are crafted with the same ancient methods that horsehair leaders were created with thousands of years ago. The soft presentation you will get with a “Tenkara Thread Furled Leader” is unmatched by any mono or nylon leader you have used in the past.

Cutthroat offers Tenkara leaders with a tippet ring. This ring makes for fast easy tippet changes without worrying about nipping the actual leader by mistake. The ring is so small that you will not know it is there. Think of the eye of a #16 fly-hook. These rings actually float when attached to a leader that has been treated with floatant.

We recommend that you treat our leaders with muslin or a paste type floatant, you can order Payette paste on our site. This paste not only keeps the leaders floating high all day, but it adds mass to the leader, which aids in cutting through the wind. We also stock tenkara leaders and tippet!

Tenkara leaders in 10’-0” Lengths and 11’-6” Lengths

Cutthroat leaders offer two different strength leaders. Lite/Medium and Medium/Heavy

Tenkara Leader colors Camo (green & tan), Green, Hi-Vis Orange and Pale-Yellow

"No, the leader will not spook fish. Many people ask me about this. Most people fish a store bought 7'-6"-9'-0 long leader. Then attach it to brightly colored fly-lines. Most anglers then add tippet to the end of their leader. Remember that most of these mono / nylon leaders will slap the flie onto the water instead of laying it down gently. I always recommend using between 5-9ft. of tippet between the colored leader and the flie. The difference with my system is that your flies will be presented in such a way that your never before experienced. I have had more than a few customers call or email with stories of fish actually coming out of the water to take the fly before it landed. "How often does that happen to you with your current set-up?" A furled fly fishing leader and tippet package is avaialbe in ur store. Please feel free to browse around our website for tips, information, photo's, and furled fly fishing leaders experiences on our testimonials page. If you have time please watch my informational video above. Best Regards, Mike Morin (Owner/Opperator)."

"Get 10% off and free shipping if you use the code FFF upon check out. This is a discount code for tenkara furled leaders."

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