Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lake Float Tube Fly Fishing With A Furled Leader!

Lake Fly Fishing Out Of A Float Tube is improved with the use of a Furled Leader. After interviewing various float tube fly fisherman many of them had never heard of the use of a furled leader while depth fishing in a lake or resevoir. Many just use a typical mono leader with a full sink fly fishing line. The issue lies in that the typical mono leader carries memory and can coil when being trolled behind a float tube. This mono type leader is what most lake float tube fisherman utilize. Now with the advancement of modern technology and combined with a timeless traditional furling technique used by master fly fisherman around the world for centuries you have the introduction to a sinking Furled Thread Leader.

For the most accurate true drift furled leader there is none better than a thread leader. When trolling at depth the leader will present the fly unlike any mono leader on the market. An exact and steady sink rate can be acheived and since these leaders have a built in tippet ring (notice picture to leaft) it also makes for simple tippet changes. Many lake fly fisherman use a 24 inch or a 36 inch standard mono leader with their rigging. With a typical tippet length of 7ft. to 8ft. for best performance. Note for the very best performance possible veteran's stillwater fly fisherman fish with a long tippet, short leader and a overall steady sink rate of 3.5 inches per second with the entire rig. The best option for trout fishing out of a float tube is to run the Cutthroat Leaders 24 inch Nymphing Thread Furled Leaders. Click Here To SHOP

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