Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spey Furled Leaders Now Available For 2011!

October 5, 2011

"Spey Furled Leaders For Fly Fishing"

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Cutthroat Leader Co. of Meridian Idaho has just launched a brand new line of Spey Leaders. We interviewed Mike Morin, Owner of Cutthroat Leader Co. about this new announcement by his company. When asked, "What makes your Spey Leaders better than your competitors?" Mike smiles and says "In the past 10 years of furling leaders this new product line has me most excited. First of all I still enjoy furling leaders one by one. This new Cutthroat Spey Leader line are the longest leaders we have ever produced. If you have ever had an opportunity to cast one of our ultimate dry fly leaders you understand how delicate of a presentation is acheived do to the lack of memory in the leader. Our new Spey Leader has the same great performace but the length and strength is increased while not sacrificing any of this performace we are known for in our other furled leaders lines. After numerious tweaks to the development process we have now forumulated a leader recipe that we feel changes the game. Other industry professionals have been impressed. While on the Boise river during a demo session with our new line I had the opportunity to watch Michael Bantam of Dreamcast Idaho shoot line all the way down the river while spey casting our new spey leader line. Our new line of leaders had him smiling and quite impressed. According to Mr. Bantam our spey leader presented a fly like no other leader he had ever fished in the past 30 years. This was quite a compliment and I knew we were on to something. We made slight changes to the taper and length and are now producing our first line of Spey Furled Leaders." You can contact Mike Morin for additional information at his website located at Fine Furled Fly Fishing Leaders By Cutthroat Leader Co. :

CutThroat Leaders recommend the following leader lengths for various spey/switch rods.

9'-0” Leader for 10' thru 12' rods
10’-0” Leader for 12' thru 13'6" rods
11'-6" for 14' thru 15' rods

5/6 wt leaders have a breaking strength of 8-10lbs
7/8 wt leaders have a breaking strength of 14-16 Lbs.
9/10 wt leaders have a btreaking strength of 16-18 Lbs.

Tippet ends are either Shorb Loop or Tippet ring.
More energy for better turnover. Your fly is “tight-line fishing” immediately after the cast. Extremely durable, out last the typical poly leader. Woven in stretch, provide amazing over-strike protection.

Our 10-0” & 11’-6” Spey Leaders offer unparraled enegy transfer from rod to fly. Unlike tapered leaders made from monofiliment or nylon, every bit of energy from the cast actaully travels through the furled leader, your casting and presentation WILL improve.

The Dry Fly / Skating leader will allow you to drop a fly onto the water with a fully extended fly line/ leader/ tippet. This means you are tight line fishing immediately. We recommend that you apply your favorite paste type floatant to the upper third (butt section) of the leader. This gives you just the right amount of stick needed for swinging wet flys as well as droping large skating flys as desired. These leaders are very durable and and can last and entire season.

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