Monday, July 13, 2015

We are often asked to to attach a furled leader your line.  Most new lines have welded loops which make attaching leaders very easy.  If you do not have a welded loop, or you choose to cut the loop off, you have a few options.

Our thread leaders can be attached with a standard nail knot.  I like to use only three wraps as if you use too many, the knot becomes BIG.  For fishers that have one dry fly rod and one nymph/streamer, rod, this system works great.

Another option is to attach a length of 20# nylon with a loop.  (on heavier lines, 7,8,9 wt, use 30# nylon.  First nail-knot the nylon onto the fly line.  Then you tie a perfection loop in the nylon.  I Prefer the length of nylon to be short (3-6"), yet others like a longer length (12"-16").

Hope this helps.

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