Monday, August 24, 2015

Using Cutthroat Furled Leaders during your casting Certification...

We have recently been asked by numerous fly fishers if our leaders can be used during Casting Certification through the Federation of Fly Fishers.  While I was at the 50th Anniversary in Bend Oregon last week, this very topic came up.  The answer is YES, you can use our Furled Leaders to take the test.

The only Leader requirements for the test is as follows:

Casting Instructor Performance Test Equipment Needed

(you must provide own)
  • Rod: 9' maximum
  • Line: #7 floating maximum
  • Leader: 7 1/2' minimum with yarn fly
Most guys that have taken the test with our leaders use a 68" (5'-8") dry fly leader and add tippet to reach 
the 7'-6" required length.

68" Dry Fly Furled Leader

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