Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tiny "Tricos" and Big Browns

The fishing was so good last trip out; I had to make another trip this past week.  

Same hatch, the “Trico” Hatch was on.  This trip took a little longer for the hatch to materialize, as the temps were much cooler than the previous trip. 

Same story as last week with one significant difference.  We needed to keep the fly high and dry.  After each cast, I would clean the fly of moss, dry off and re-cast.  Spending the extra time to prepare the fly to float high was the difference between hooking some fish and catching a load of fish. 

Above is a pic of the longest fish of the day.  The furled leader used was a 50” dry fly leader on the short bamboo rod and a 68” dry fly leader on my fishing buddies 8’-0” 3wt.  We had 4’-5’ of 4x tippet attached to leader with a 24-36” section of 5X tippet and fly.  

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