Thursday, December 10, 2015

Each month, we send out a news letter to our loyal customer base.  The last one of the season gives Cutthroat Leader customers the chance to win a Hand Crafted net from Snake river net co, for any fly fishing related picture sent into us.  We do a random section from a hat, (a.k.a. computer program).

The link to the news letter is here: Link to News letter 

We are also reaching out to any fly fishing clubs in the USA that have annual fund raising gatherings/meetings.  The best advertising for us is word of mouth, the more fly fishers that use our leaders, the more fly fishers hear how great they are.  It is a win win for everybody.  So if you know of fly fishing club that has upcoming annual meetings, please pass this onto them.

Using the coupon code 2015 at checkout will also save you 20% off the purchase until the end of the 2015.

We are looking for great things to come from 2016.

Thank you to all that have help make 2015 a true success.

furled leaders

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