Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Do you use Tippet Rings while fly fishing

Do you use Tippet Rings...?

I often get asked this very question.  We handcraft and sell 10's of thousands of furled leaders every year.  Most of these leaders are sold with tippet rings.  We use 2mm on trout leaders and 3mm on steelhead / salmon / larger species.

Are all Tippet Rings equal.... NO!
There are so many companies importing cheap tippet rings and selling as high quality online.  One clue to if your tippet ring is a good one or a bad one is this.  The material that makes the rings shall be the same diameter.  If your ring is somewhat flat, (not cylindrical), you have a bad ring,  You want a ring that is perfectly round.  If the ring is somewhat "Flat", the tippet will be cut....

Like much in life, you get what you paid for.  We sell 10 rings for $6.00.  comes on a safety pin which make attaching to tippet that much easier.  Tie it on before you remove the ring from the pin, less lost rings.

We put micro tippet rings on about 80% of our Furled Leaders.

We do not use rings on leaders for very strong / heavy fish.  Yes, the ring will work for a bit, but after some time fishing heavy tippets / fish, the ring will begin to damage the leader and eventually break the leader.

We do manufacture reinforced leaders and use rings.  The material we use for reinforcement has a very high tensile strength and abrasion resistance.  Therefore the ring does no damage.
reinforced leaders link.

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