Saturday, December 17, 2016

We at Cutthroat Leader Co have been handcrafting more and more Leaders for the Salt.  The word has gotten out about how well the leaders cast in the wind, turn heavy flies and are extremely durable.

We handcraft the very best Furled Leaders you will find anywhere.
100% satisfaction.

Our Reinforced Ocean leaders are crazy strong. Ocean Furled Leaders.

We put loops on most of our ocean leaders for durability reasons.
Although we can install rings, but as stated, the loops are stronger.

Our reinforced thread leaders sink fast and keeps tippet / fly at the bottom.
Creating great sand trails when stripping crab flies.

"This leader drops my crab flies to spooky Bonefish with ease. 

I never worry about breaking off with these new Ultra leaders from Cutthroat.Scott B."

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