Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Winter fishing to spooky fish...

Winter fishing comes with many obstacles.  Shallow water, spooky fish, stiff leaders and cold fingers.

We cannot help you with the cold fingers, or the fact that fish tend to become slightly more nervous with low  / slow moving water.  But, we can help you with gently presenting a fly to spooky fish as well as eliminating the stiff  and kink filled leaders you currently use.

Our Hi-Vis Nymph leader has quickly become known across the fly fishing community as a truly impressive leader system for small flies, shallow waters and educated trout.

Give us look, you will not be disappointed.

Other winter fishing tips:

Slow down....  Fishes metabolism slows down significantly when the temps drop.  This means, they slow down themselves.   They will not move long distances to eat your bug.  Put your fly where you think this fish actually are.

Subtle strikes:  The strike in winter will not often be the jumping leaping fast hits you get in the warmer months.  Be ready, as often times, many strikes go un-noticed because the strike is so soft / gentle.

Mostly Nymphs:  Sure, you can get lucky and catch a BWO hatch or a small top water midge flurry...  But more often than not, winter fishing is a subsurface game.  Keep your flies small, fished close to the bottom and do not expect BIG aggressive takes.

Get out and enjoy a day on the water, most likely, you will be all alone...
Happy Fishing.

Cutthroat Furled Leaders are based in Boise Idaho.

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