Friday, June 12, 2015

Salmon Flies on Furled Leaders

Salmon Flies on Cutthroat Furled Leaders....  Great day on the water.
We were fishing just outside the Frank Church Wilderness area in Idaho.  Great fishing with great scenery.

When you get river side and see large salmon flies flopping around in the water, you know the day will be a good one...  

First of three fish brought to hand were all Brook Trout.

I do not often get to fish for Brookies, so it was a great change of pace.  These fish hammered the Stonefly imitations with such aggressiveness.  To say it was a fun time, is a true understatement.

We end the day with many Brookies, Cutthroat, Rainbow and even a  few whitefish brought to the net.

The hatch was crazy impressive.


Nice looking Brookie, not huge, but they sure were pretty.

We went to this river to catch Big Old Cutthroats.  I did have one monster on the line, but you know the story, he spit the hook...  But we did get a good look at him...  beautiful fish.  The pic below is of his little brother.

This being the first big hiking / fishing trip of the season, I sit typing on the keyboard and my lower back and legs know that I put in a full day on the water.  Left the house at 5:00 am and returned at 1:00 the following morning.  That's dedication. 

Tips:  When throwing large dry flies such as Salmon flies, up-sizing your leader will make a huge difference in your casting.  Meaning, if you fish a 5 or 6 weight rod, use a 7-8 wt furled leader. This will allow you do drop your fly within inches of your target. 

Furled Leaders used were:  76" Ultimate Dry Fly Leader with Loop end.  We also used our Streamer Leader for tossing big streamers to fish down deep.  These new Streamer Leaders make turning over big heavy flies a breeze.  Eliminate the old " Chuck & Duck"....

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